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Things To Consider When Planning A Web Site

1. Why do I want a web site for my business or organization?
- How do I expect the web to enhance my business?
- How would the web fit into my overall goals?
- What do I want the web site to do immediately, and what do I want it to do in the future?

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2. Who do I want to communicate with through the web site?
- Who are my clients/audience?
- Who do I want to become my clients/audience?
- What does my audience need from the web site?

3. How much do I want to spend on a web site?
- For initial design?
- For marketing?
- For ongoing maintenance?

4. Does my organization have any existing graphics, informational or marketing materials that could be used online?
- Logos, photos, brochures, documents, sound files, databases, etc.

5. How will my organization handle personnel considerations when the web site is online?
- Who will respond to email from the web site?
- Who will collect any online form information gathered?
- Who will coordinate new and updated information for placement the website?
- Do I want to maintain the web site in-house or do I want to out-source this task to the web design company?

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