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About Azure Communications, Inc.

Azure Communications, Inc. is an design consultancy specializing in web site design and development, site maintenance, logo design, digital photography for the web, ecommerce and internet advertising since 1996.




Since each website has unique demands, Azure Communications maintains a network of affiliated web site specialists that are called upon for their specific expertise by project.

Web development uses a unique combination of specialized knowledge. It demands knowledge of marketing, visual design, copywriting, research, inspiration, technical resources and a willingness to understand your company - its current expression and its potential future.

We combine experienced business awareness with the skills of our affiliated internet professionals to create a custom online presence for your specific business. Or we can integrate your web site with your ongoing advertising and marketing programs.

Azure Communications uses many tools to develop client web sites, including: Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Photoshop, Painter, Acrobat, database integration, digital photography, stock photography, sound and video, custom programming, DHTML, javascript, CSS, ShopSite, Yahoo! stores, AuthorizeNet, PayPal, Atomz Search.

Azure Communications has designed award-winning websites for radio, publishing and charity. 


About Pricing:
Each web project is a little different. Like building a house, the cost depends on what you build into it. We will work with you to provide the best solution for you within your budget.

Because any web site, whether 3 pages or 300 pages, involves a basic amount of work, web project pricing begins at $700 and goes up from there, depending on what goes into the project.







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